Cooking Equipment, Storage, Transport, & Staff Items

Gas Grill with Propane

Griddle Plate Attachment

Stainless Steel Roll Top Hood

Half Size Convection Oven (Electric) 

Heated Banquet Cart (Double Door)

Double Door Convection Oven

Single Door Convection Oven (Propane)

6 Burner Single Oven Range (Propane)

Crescor Unit

Crescor Holding Cabinet

Portable Prep Rack

Stock Pots & Baskets

Freezer (Full Size - Upright)


Induction Burner

Propane Stove Burner

Induction Frying Pan

Induction Wok

Coat Rack

Sheet Pan Rack with Wheels

Camcarrier - 2 sizes available - (1) 4 food pans (1) 6 sheet pans.

Camcart - Sizes available for 8 food pans, 16 food pans, 13 sheet pans, or 24 sheet pans.

Butane Stove with Butane Canister

Carving Board with Heat Lamp

Hand Sink

Lobster Vat with Propane

Lobster Pro Steamer